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TelePhone:020-86062988 020-86062900 Address:No.77 Zhenxingbei RD,Shenshan Industrial Zone, Jianggao Town,Baiyun District ,Guangzhou, China 510460
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“Happiness is what we all pursue forever.”
Only with a happy cultural ahmosphere and environment,can an enterprise enjoy stable operation. Guangzhou Ligao set“happy life and free soul”as the core and essence of its corporate culture,trying to create a happy,harmonious and orderly atmosphere so that the staff can be happy,customers moved for the ultimate purpose of satisfying staff life and personalized requirements of customers as well.

Guangzhou Ligao set advocates the the tenor of“people-orientation and happy life”,and eamestly conducts it in thought with the power of happiness,systemizes sale procedures,and standardizes service level.making happiness penetrating into work,service,life,soul……